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Question and Answers

Question and Answers

What is ProCare™?
ProCare™ is a nutritional support program scientifically created by wound healing experts, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and Nutritionists, to enhance the optimal physiological state of a patient. The program aims to prepare the patient for an optimal healing circumstance, by maximizing the physiological reserves of the patients, and supplementing their diet with active nutrients essential for the healing tissues.  ProCare™ also provides factors that can enhance the immune system and thereby reduce the potential risk of infection.

What is ProCare™  Surgical Formula?
The ProCare™ Peri-Operative Nutritional Supplement provides a rich protein formula with a broad array of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in readily absorbable forms. The formula also contains L-Arginine to promote healthy tissue formation and to reduce inflammation and support the immune response.

What is ProCare™ Peri-operative Nutritional Supplement Program?

When possible, ProCare™ Peri-Operative nutritional program should be started at least 3 weeks before the planned surgery.  A single serving of ProCare™   is taken for the first week, followed by 2 serving during the second week and 3 servings during the third week.  After the surgery, the supplement is continued at 3 servings per day until all wounds and incisions are healed. At this stage, ProCare™ is taken at 2 servings for a week and then 1 serving for an additional final week. 
Who will benefit from ProCare™?

ProCare™ is formulated to enhance wound healing in all surgical patients to obtain optimal results. ProCare™ is designed to enhance the healing process not only in normal subjects, but also in diabetic patients and those with cardiovascular co-morbidities.

Should patients continue to take supplements after they complete the ProCare™ Peri-operative program?
The healing process continues to occur for several months after surgery. Thus, ensuring optimal nutrition reserve is advisable for rapid healing.  One single scoop of ProCare will provide the essential nutritional supplements necessary for fast healing and speedy recovery. 

What scientific documentation supports the importance of nutrients in wound healing?
A significant body of scientific literature describes the actions of various nutrients on wound healing, immune regulation, inflammatory modulation, and antioxidant-based tissue protection. For a list of references, please visit appropriate web page.