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Bariatric and post Bariatric Nutrition

Bariatric surgery is currently the most effective method of sustainable weight loss for the obese patient population. For many patients,the benefits of weight loss, such as decreased blood glucose, lipids, and blood pressure, will outweigh the risks of surgical complications. Unfortunately, the nutritional adequacy of the postoperative diet has frequently been overlooked, and many of the post-bariatric patients experience nutritional deficiencies. These include deficiencies of protein, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin B12, thiamine, folate,iron, zinc and selenium. ProCare™ is specially suited for the bariatric and post-bariatric patients. Several recent studies have indicatedthat many obese patients have deficient levels of ssential vitamins and nutrients (Madon et al., 2006). In preparation for bariatric or post -bariatric surgery, ProCare™ provides a blend of essential elements that meet the deficiencies of the patients and optimizes healing.

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